May 14, 2016

Beauty Surgery

Common Beauty Procedures for Hands and Feet

Most people will have heard about manicures and pedicures and although fairly simple in nature, they can actually be very advanced depending on the level of expertise afforded by the therapist. If you’ve already found a reliable nail care specialist, then the chances are that you’ll be thinking about the types of procedures that can be performed on your hands and feet to enhance their appearance.

Here are a few that are particularly popular.

False nail fitting

We aren’t all blessed with gorgeously long nails that can put up with even the most severe of damage, but that’s where false nails come in handy. Gone are the days of poor quality acrylics that last no longer than a day or two. These days, experts have access to some of the most advanced materials in Australia. These materials last much longer when combined with strong adhesive – and the nails can even be decorated, too.

Toe nail procedures

In the past, it wasn’t very common to see people wearing false toe nails, but these days (particularly during those warmer months), false toe nails are a frequent sight. They can be fitted in much the same way as finger nails and they will last just as long, too. There’s always the option to bypass false nails altogether and have your toe nails treated by an expert in general.

Cuticle buffing

Another common nail treatment relates to the cuticles and their care. As our nails grow, our cuticles often dry out and recede and this can look very unappealing. Cuticle buffing works by gently exfoliating the base of the nail in a way that lifts dry skin away. Once cleaned, it’s easy to polish the nail itself and reveal a smooth, clean surface that will last for weeks with minimal maintenance.

These are just a few common procedures and there are many more available in a salon. To learn more, simply get in touch with a therapist and they will be able to tell you how the treatments work and what you can expect from the results.