Choosing a Hairdresser for Home Visits

It’s estimated that over 10 million people in Australia undergo the services of a hairdresser on a yearly basis. After extensive research it was discovered that this number would be even higher – but due to time restraints and personal circumstances, it’s not always an option for adults to book sessions and experience what it feels like to have professionally treated hair.

As a result, the demand for stylists that offer home visits is becoming more and more substantial. Choosing a hairdresser to take care of a client at home can be important for many reasons. Perhaps the individual is ill and unable to travel, or maybe they are housebound. It could even be as simple as they work from home and don’t get much opportunity to travel out during the working week.

Whatever the reason, more and more beauty salons are extending their services to encompass home visits and personal therapies. If you’re in any of the positions mentioned above, or if you simply don’t have the capabilities to travel to your local salon; then you could well be interested in having a hairstylist come out to you instead.

Choosing a reputable hair care centre should be a top priority; and one that has an established reputation based on their home visitation services. Here are a few tips to help you to find one that can promise to meet your needs.

Ask around

Personal stylists often work for themselves, so someone you know might actually rely on their services already. By asking around in your area, as well as querying friends and family members, you might end up learning about an expert that already covers the area in which you reside – or one that is fairly close at least.

Use the internet

Searching online can be one of the quickest solutions available. With so many hair salons promoting their services via a website, it can be very simple to find one near you and then enquire about their personal visitation services. If they don’t offer this service, they might still be able to extend a treatment depending on your circumstances, so it’s always worth enquiring further.

Don’t overlook newly qualified stylists

Stylists that have recently passed their courses and obtained their qualifications will often venture out on their own, before deciding on whether to apply to a hair treatment centre or make their own path. Although their qualifications may be fairly fresh this should never sway your decision – after all, they will have undergone an extensive amount of training in order to achieve their certificates. Furthermore, these stylists are often the most willing to travel out to treat clients, as well as offering the most affordable prices.

Failing all of the above, it might not be a home visit that you’re in need of – you could simply require a little extra time to have your hair treated. If that’s the case, just have a look at which of your responsibilities and activities you might be able to modify. Making time to be seen could take a little planning, but with some forethought there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy an hour or two to have your hairstyle maintained, or updated.